May 31, 2022
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The Best Health and Safety Management Software in 2022

Thuy Vi Nguyen

To qualify as EHS Compliant, a brand must follow certain directives, actions, and prohibitions that have been specifically created to avoid workplace injuries, ecological pollution, and contamination. Disregarding safety or non-compliance with EHS can have severe repercussions, with organizations sometimes facing stiff litigations. All in all, leveraging trustworthy EHS solutions plus credible rams software (Risk Assessment Method Statement) protects workers, reduces costs, cuts down on expensive penalties, and enhances business operations.

With several big names in EHS solutions out there, picking the right one for your organization can be cumbersome. Try and simplify the choice by focusing on a healthy combination of affordability, ease of use, durability, and functionality. More importantly, the platform(s) you choose must align with your company’s specific needs and style. On that account, investing in the right safety management software goes a long way in enhancing your brand’s image and keeping everyone safe.

1. iAuditor

The award-winning solution is a favorite among EHS leaders for its ability to make quick updates and immediate rollouts. Particularly great is how iAuditor enables organizations to standardize their safety practices through customizable inspections, insightful analytics, timely corrective actions, and meticulous record keeping.

Firms eager to improve warehouse safety or give their brand an enhanced security perspective should look at iAuditor for the following reasons:

Simplified Inspections

Security inspections get a significant upgrade with intuitive iAuditor prompts. In other words, iAuditor offers a fairly comprehensive desktop application to replace paper-based operations and gives safety in the workplace a swift, digital boost. Once you’re up and running, it really only takes a couple of hours to get accustomed to the procedures. Many users find that iAuditor improves efficiency, enhances safety, trims down cost, and boosts ROI.

Team Training and Sensors

iAuditor launched its first software and hardware solutions with sensor automation in 2019. The platform cuts down manual audits and improves compliance, thereby aiming to prevent common workplace accidents. (For example, through the software's automation of humidity and temperature monitoring.)

Competitive Advantage, Culture, and Data

Nothing is as frustrating as losing valuable data in an organization. The secret behind successful data collection is investing in software that guarantees effectiveness and consistency. iAuditor enables teams to capture critical data, which is a must-have if you’re serious about better decision making and gaining insights from the data that’s on your lap.

iAuditor also fosters a safe culture that instigates protecting and saving lives. With the overall process development and ownership of work responsibilities associated with iAuditor, the software aims to improve productivity and give organizations a competitive edge over others, who aren’t necessarily safety-forward.

2. ReadyKey Mobile-Based EHS

ReadyKey offers a robust, mobile-based EHS risk and compliance solution. Built off a mobile app platform that’s been used by millions of people over the last 12 years, ReadyKey enables brands to combine and mobilize every aspect of their training, auditing, compliance, and crisis preparedness goals. ReadyKey’s EHS solution provides global enterprises with vital mobile connectivity at all times, even without the internet.
ReadyKey saw a surge in demand throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, as enterprises flocked to mobile solutions to modernize their emergency preparedness and safety resources. In practice, the platform empowers modern enterprises to update paper-based EAPs (Emergency Action Plans), environmental compliance, staff wellbeing resources, and incidents by accumulating decisive data into an astute mobile app.

A few factors that set ReadyKey apart from traditional EHS tools and softwares:
  • Clients increased confidence in mobile EAPs and apps accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • ReadyKeys provides critical information to employees through the smartphone they’re already carrying.
  • Time savings: enterprises are able to move away from updating huge binders and books toward a more convenient, up-to-date digital format.
  • Enterprise-grade security and an Open API.
  • A swift HRIS (human resources information system) that guarantees accurate contact detail and cooperation with time-saving platforms. Plus, ReadyKey’s intuitive Open API enables a seamless integration with the systems you’re already using.
  • Push notifications.
  • Integrated mobile forms are able to capture essential data from your workforce, which is ideal for company auditing and reporting.
  • Multi-lingual support and a robust offline accessibility.

3. EHS Insight

EHS Insight offers one of the most efficient cloud-based EHS and quality control softwares on the market. For any major brand, quality control promotes product superiority in the market in various ways. Most QC processes, for example, revolve around testing activities that detect and solve technical challenges. Based on this information, incorporating EHS Insight is a win-win situation that helps businesses manage risks, track environmental impacts, achieve better quality control, and maintain compliance.

In the process, the software provides intuitive modules for audit management, performance monitoring, risk management, and environmental impact. You’re also able to purchase these ready-to-use programs independently or as a suite.

EHS Insight also offers offline access to personnel who are either working remotely or who have intermittent network connectivity.

4. Cority

Cority’s suite of products offer robust Quality Management and EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) support; in large part due to its versatility, functionality, and sustainability. With over 30 years of innovation and consistency, the brand improves customer success by combining extensive domain experience with a comprehensive, reliable SaaS platform.

Quite simply, Cority offers you a bundle of tech solutions that’ll enable your organization to sustain health and safety standards, alongside other business priorities, within the EHS SaaS ecosystem.

Cority’s cloud-based platform is highly configurable and customizable, with over two hundred modules to fit any business. It integrates pretty seamlessly with other software, meaning that detailed reporting becomes far less tedious and manual. One of the key advantages of Cority is the ability to monitor near misses and analyze data to come up with preventive measures. The software quickly sends alerts based on specific parameters, making it particularly suitable for high-risk areas.

Additionally, Cority has a configurable workflow engine that allows managers to create and customize safety processes to suit particular needs. Some of the most preferred products from Cority include:

Cority Environmental Cloud

Cority’s platform focuses on transforming how companies are able to manage compliance with water, waste, and air programs. It also specializes in thorough ESG reporting and sustainability objectives. Environmental Cloud gains visibility for organizations by aligning technology, processes, and workers; then consolidating all this information to achieve actionable insights. It also standardizes compliance management for international standards, permits, policies, and regulations into a single system.

Cority Environmental Cloud software turns operational and strategic objectives into quantified success indicators with a robust reporting ability. In a sense, it builds alliances across various business units to reduce costs and waste, while allowing for speedier alignment on critical issues.

Cority Health Cloud

This is one of the most inclusive health solutions designed to minimize workplace risks. Health Cloud works best for teams, occupational professionals, clinics, hospitals, and industrial hygienists. The software streamlines processes, centralizes company data, bolsters staff health, and ensures performance beyond just compliance.

Cority’s Health Cloud identifies employees that are not well prepared for workplace perils, and enrolls them in wellness, safety, and health programs. Arguably most impressive is that Health Cloud automates programs’ regulatory reporting and provides compliance data to your team on a global scale.

Cority Safety Cloud

Safety Cloud enables more reliable hazard predictions, simplifies workplace safety, and maintains the welfare of your staff. Given that Cority is the most comprehensive SaaS suite in the field, it’s able to manage numerous solutions and give a holistic view of perils across multiple businesses.

Furthermore, Safety Cloud helps brands to achieve safety excellence at a lower and more predictable cost in the long run.

Cority Quality Cloud

This expert-driven software comes in handy by reducing defects, increasing compliance, and enhancing standards within the overall organizational model.

Cority Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is specially designed for EHS, offering analytics, predictive modeling, and access to tools that enable companies to gain deep insights into their overall operations. As a result, decision makers can install preventive control measures to avert risks before they occur.

In addition, Analytics Cloud drives programs with insights based on personalized, powerful dashboards that cultivate an executive leadership environment ruled by certainty. Firms are then able to utilize the Data Quality Score to audit data hygiene and reduce resources intended for continued data scrubbing.

Cority Sustainability Cloud

Sustainability Cloud makes it easy for experts in finance, EHS, and sustainability to work in harmony with colleagues through powerful dashboards that paint a clear picture of a program’s overall success. Moreover, the platform provides high-quality and accurate data (both qualitative and quantitative) that are critical when making practical decisions around safety at the workplace.

5. Edapp

Although Edapp does not directly oversee or report on safety hazards and incidents, it does provide comprehensive training to employees – especially on safety awareness. In a nutshell, Edapp is a microlearning software that comes equipped with achievements, rewards, authoring tools, and analytics. It’s best used alongside other EHS softwares that are more tailored toward actual day-to-day uses, like ReadyKey.

Users can also capitalize on gamification, push notifications, and spaced repetition. In practice, these make learning more engaging, fun, and meaningful. As a result, continued exposure to the learnings that Edapp provides embeds deeper awareness and retention of course training.

Edapp’s overarching goal here is to better enable their customers to deliver more straightforward and purposeful workplace learning. Edapp supports 50,000+ enterprises in various countries, in large part due to its ease of scalability. It’s also worth noting that Edapp software supports the translation of content into 105 different languages. With Edapp, companies are able to convert their existing training data into mobile-friendly training courses.

6. Awardco

Awardco takes a radically different, yet interesting approach. Using reward recognition, Awardco hopes to create a new era of health and safety management, where employees receive rewards (in the form of a gift card of their choice) upon going above-and-beyond in the workplace. Awardco also allows companies to recognize team milestones, accomplish goals and automate notifications in a single non-complicated platform.  

Is it a textbook example of EHS software? No, of course not. But can it be an effective tool that motivates employees to employ awareness and precaution in the workplace? Absolutely.

7. Autodesk Construction Cloud

Any guess what Autodesk’s Construction Cloud specializes in?

Not only does Autodesk Construction Cloud offer a cloud-based construction solution, but it’s arguably the frontrunner in the Construction EHS space. Seamless integration with Autodesk Docs (which your organization may or may not already use), this universal data environment offers document control and management to entire teams. With collaborative file management, clients leverage integrated workflows and easy navigation.

Other offerings include Autodesk Takeoff, Autodesk Build, and Autodesk BIM collaborates. In combination, these include some seriously helpful features, such as:


Offer centralized permissions and user management. Project setup is fairly simple, thanks to various templates and tools that Autodesk includes. The platform provides single authentication for unified products in the company.


To recap: Autodesk Construction Cloud is an EHS management solution and quality control software intended to aid construction firms in tracking and managing safety issues. It connects teams, data, and workflows with ease, while also delivering accurate analytics from previously collected/analyzed data.

Even more impressive is how Autodesk Construction Cloud facilitates data export through what they call Construction IQ Artificial Intelligence (AI). The beauty of AI, as we’re all coming to know, is that it enhances precision, speed, and the effectiveness of human inputs. When it comes to safety at the workplace, AI is proving to be an integral tool by identifying and mitigating risks accurately and at record speed. Remember that APIs and integrations allow data flow in some of Autodesk’s other products, like BIM 360, Assemble, Pype, PlanGrid, and Building Connected.  

Final Takeaways

While each health and safety management software mentioned in this article has unique features, they all share one common goal: improving safety in the workplace. Hopefully some of the insights and expertise we’ve shared here help you find the best EHS software for your organization. At the end of the day, each piece of software boasts unique benefits and solutions – some of which may be more tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Interested in learning more about how ReadyKey offers one of the most versatile and functional health and safety management softwares out there? We’d love to chat. Mobile-based EHS software offers benefits that legacy products simply can’t keep up with, when it comes to improving communication within your team, tracking compliance, and resolving hazards before they become a disaster.

Safety is a fundamental part of any business that guarantees employee, client, and visitor’s wellbeing. Recent research by the International Labor Organization on the topic estimated that over 300 million occupational calamities happen every year worldwide. Such huge numbers depict a world in dire need of reliable Health and Safety Management Software (SMS). Recognized also as EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), EHSQ (Environment Health Safety and a Quality), or HSE (Health Safety and Environment), these are industry parameters touching on security protocols, rules programs, and policies in workplaces. Their role is to prevent organizational activities from putting employees’ safety and health at risk or leading to severe environmental damage.

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