Emergency Preparedness

ReadyKey equips your employees with the information they need – anytime, anywhere. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, from readily available action plans, floor maps, hazard notifications and more, your staff will always be prepared for any emergency.

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Modernize your EHS processes

Incidents are inevitable and often happen when you least expect it! A mobile app ensures that your employees are utilizing their smartphones to collect data from the field in real time, analyze metrics and results, and make fast, confident decisions on the fly. With an easy to use mobile app, teams can access documentation, workflows, contact information, site maps and more. 

Scan a QR code to instantly see emergency action plans

Revolutionize your emergency preparedness by arming your employees with everything they need to react quickly and efficiently to any crisis. Utilizing simple and reliable technology, employees can find critical information in seconds.

Ease of Use

Gone are the days of navigating through folders of printed documentation or scrambling to find something on your computer. ReadyKey helps teams find the right information in seconds, wherever they are.


Augment current processes by connecting existing systems and information to create a single source of truth. ReadyKey’s Open API allows you to integrate to existing systems such as Sharepoint or Google Drive, or EHS softwares like Enablon, Sphera, etc. No longer will you need to compromise on your mobile solution - ReadyKey’s platform will equip you with one world-class mobile face for all your systems and processes

Offline Access

Empower your employees with the confidence they need to be prepared – no matter the crisis or where it hits. ReadyKey apps are always accessible, regardless of internet connection.

Case Study
How a Global Food & Beverage Organization Digitized its Emergency Action Plans and Improved Leadership Confidence by 70% with ReadyKey

When a global food and beverage company sought to modernize its paper emergency action plans, the organization enlisted BSI, an international business standards company, to identify and implement a solution across its North American facilities. With ReadyKey, leadership confidence in emergency preparedness increased from 20% to 90%.

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