How Johnson & Johnson mobilized and localized compliance information

Johnson & Johnson set out to improve access to compliance information and cultivate an internal culture around compliance. To transform its compliance program, they moved to mobile.

Opportunity to Update Procedures

Outdated materials and broken procedures can negatively impact organizations. Johnson & Johnson saw its internal shortcomings as an opportunity to use technology to make process improvements and repair its reputation.

Johnson & Johnson required a solution that would be easily accessible to a global workforce anytime, anywhere.

Johnson & Johnson sought a solution that would make managing compliance content more resource-efficient.

Johnson & Johnson required a solution that could scale and would serve a global audience, by location and in multiple languages.

With these factors in mind, the Johnson & Johnson saw moving compliance materials to mobiles apps as the way to meet its needs. And with a recommendation from a large healthcare organization, they chose ReadyKey technology to power internal compliance. 

Mobile Implementation

With ReadyKey technology, implementing a new global compliance program required extensive planning, but no time-intensive custom development. The major task was in organizing a large library of information for efficient access. To ensure a successful implementation, Johnson & Johnson brought in a 3rd party agency to design the app framework and the content which would be uploaded.

Senior stakeholders from Johnson & Johnson's IT and Compliance teams came together with their implementation agency and ReadyKey account management to launch the initial compliance app in two months. 

With an app framework and content strategy, the team rolled out dozens of apps over the next year as regional teams localized content. The Ethics, Risk, and Compliance managed development in each country to adhere to local standards.

Currently, Johnson & Johnson's apps provide critical compliance information to employees across 45+ countries in 30+ languages.

Changing company culture around compliance required strict reliance on mobile. Through employee training and consistent management of the app, using the app for compliance became common practice. 

A Look at the App

The key goal of this program is to cement the following statement: “We are committed to creating a culture of integrity and trust through strict adherence to our code of conduct.”

To do this, Johnson & Johnson relies on ReadyKey technology to put compliance and ethics materials in every employee’s pocket. Top features and tools include:

Custom Lists and Folders

Enable Johnson & Johnson to house and organize content in folders to ensure natural user flows.

Embedded Websites

Are valuable when Johnson & Johnson needs to share additional content and users want to access internet communities.

Push Notifications

Are used to keep employees updated with new documents and announcements.

Improving Accountability with Mobile

Moving to a mobile-based compliance solution enabled the pharmaceutical to turn around its internal compliance culture and improve personal accountability. By moving materials to mobile, Johnson & Johnson streamlined procedures and empowered its employees with the resources at hand. In the last 4 years, there have been over 6,500 downloads and 49,000 guide sessions. By providing compliance materials to employees, and in their local language, the pharmaceutical company can be confident that employees should always have that information at hand. With the success of the program, Johnson & Johnson extended mobile from 30 locations to 45 globally.