How a Global Food Beverage Organization Digitized Emergency Action Plans and Improved Confidence by 70% with ReadyKey

When a global food and beverage company sought to modernize its binder and paper emergency action plans, the organization enlisted BSI, an international business standards company, to identify and implement a solution across its North American facilities.

Move EAPs to Mobile

ReadyKey stood out as the ideal solution for this information modernization project. The ReadyKey platform provides the flexibility and scalability for BSI and its client organization to customize and scale mobile Emergency Action Plans across its facilities.

Developing a mobile-first strategy

BSI, an international business standards company, helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit. When a global food and beverage company sought to modernize its binder and paper emergency action plans, the organization enlisted BSI to identify a solution to implement across its North American facilities. BSI set out to meet the organization’s needs.

The organization required a solution that:

Could be universally implemented across its North American facilities

Would be easily accessible for all employees and stakeholders

Makes information accessible, even when offline

Is scalable and reliable

With this in mind, BSI identified mobile as the ideal solution. “Oftentimes, in an emergency, a mobile phone is the first and only thing a person will reach for,” said Jacob Zollinger, National Practice Director, Information Solutions, BSI. Given that ensuring critical emergency response information is accessible is a top priority, offering information on a mobile app was the decision.

Discovering the Best Mobile Solution

After extensive research, BSI identified ReadyKey to deliver a scalable mobile solution. Together, ReadyKey and BSI were well-positioned to bring together the best in-house technology from ReadyKey’s implementation team and the insights from BSI’s Information Solutions organization, and the right technical skillset from emergency response experts to deliver a custom solution to meet the client’s needs.

The ReadyKey platform offers a suite of features built to inform and engage audiences. Document libraries, custom lists of information, surveys, and web links enable organizations to efficiently organize and share important information. Further, ReadyKey’s mobile guides are highly scalable, giving organizations the ability to replicate a single Guide across hundreds of locations. The ReadyKey solution provides the flexibility to customize a tool that meets the needs of Emergency Action Plans.

Mobile for Emergency Response

To develop and deploy the EHS Preparedness mobile application, the client stakeholders shared anticipated use, design needs, and any known roadblocks to user adoption. The BSI team provided thought leadership around the control and organization of information to optimize access to vital information.

Development and Implementation

Throughout the process, BSI served as a trusted advisor within the client organization to identify critical demands for a unified solution.

The organization required a solution that


Client branding in both iOS and Android app stores


Tools for collaborative building


Broad Accesibility


Easy Management of change


Quick access to “Significant Incident” workflows


Speed-to-deploy solution (12-24 weeks)


SSO (Single Sign-On) compatibility

The ReadyKey platform offers the flexibility required to build the secure, custom mobile app the client required. BSI and ReadyKey partnered to scale the solution for the client’s 400+ sites, making it accessible to nearly 5,000 emergency response stakeholders within the organization. Within the organization’s single app, Emergency Action Plans are available for each site.

Eliminating Paper Materials

ReadyKey and BSI deployed the mobile solution across 400+ locations. In completing implementation, the client organization took its paper Emergency Action Plans completely digital, reducing future printing and streamlining its processes.The result – information is easily accessible, and updates can be made and pushed out seamlessly. Going mobile gives the client organization peace of mind that stakeholders have access to critical information in the palm of their hands.

Today, the client organization has taken its Emergency Action Plans mobile, equipping thousands of employees and stakeholders with up-to-date information at all times. With ReadyKey, confidence in preparedness increased from 20% to 90%.

" Our client improved confidence in their emergency action plans by moving to mobile. ReadyKey helped us take them from 20% confidence to 90% overnight. "