A single mobile solution to meet your organization’s needs

Connect your employees to the information and tools they need with ReadyKey. Unlock operational success with a trusted solution.

The ReadyKey platform

Every organization has unique needs. ReadyKey mobile apps are robust, flexible tools to manage content at scale and connect your employees with critical information, anywhere.

Tailor a secure app to your organization

ReadyKey is built on a robust platform with dozens of tools available out of the box. Unlock mission-critical information with 1-tap access to your business’ app.

Emergency Preparedness

ReadyKey equips your employees with the information they need – anytime, anywhere. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, from readily available action plans, floor maps, hazard notifications and more, your staff will always be prepared for any emergency.


With a native app that works anywhere and offline, employees have training materials at their fingertips, ensuring that what they learn during training is retained and always accessible.

Emergency Response

Every second counts. No matter how prepared you are, sometimes the worst happens. ReadyKey enables employees to accurately and quickly report any workplace incident using native mobile forms. Leave paper in the past and transition teams to a world-class mobile solution to improve safety for all. 


With ReadyKey, you’ll be putting critical information in your employees’ pockets. Transform traditional compliance communications with a mobile app that helps streamline global operations. Keep employees up-to-date with changing global regulations, reduce the number of inquiries you are receiving from field reps, and equip your team with immediate access to regional and country-specific rules and regulations. 

Manufacturing & Operations

Support your employees with the information they need to prevent and respond effectively to incidents and keep manufacturing operations running smoothly. ReadyKey gives employees’ access to critical information when they need it the most, ensuring it’s always available, accurate and compliant. By reducing the time spent on admin and paperwork, you’ll improve organizational efficiency and release your teams from their desk. A mobile app increases uptime, production and quality.