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The mobile platform powering information apps for leading organizations.

The ReadyKey Solution

Simplify data capture and data delivery to your organization. ReadyKey unlocks on-demand access to vital information and empowers organizations to put a mobile handbook in every employee’s pocket. Provide unparalleled access to business-critical information with a ReadyKey-powered app.

Your app, your tools

Take a mobile-first approach to information.

Transform binders of papers, databases of information, and clunky software into an intuitive app. Go further, and provide your organization with a tool that simplifies processes and improves efficiencies.

  • Up-to-date files and documents
  • Accessible contact information
  • Synced schedules and internal calendars
  • Operational checklists and forms
  • Offline access, multiple languages
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Connect employees to the information they need

Every organization has unique needs. Harness the power of mobile to scale and manage your business-critical information. ReadyKey apps are robust, flexible tools that streamline processes and open access.

  • Business Continuity - Mobilize operational and emergency response procedures to improve confidence at facilities and offices. Replace outdated physical Emergency Action Plans with an automated mobile tool.
  • Compliance - Provide mobile access to files, checklists, feedback forms, and more. 
  • HR and Comms. - Offer continued learning, employee engagement, employee handbooks, and resources at hand
  • Health and Safety - Equip employees with access to up-to-date emergency information - integrate mobile into your stack for instant access 

Finally, a secure, accessible hub for all of your critical information

Improve existing processes and communication with an integrated mobile solution. The ReadyKey platform and open API simplify mobile transformation and management.

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"With ReadyKey technology, we improved our client's emergency response time. Our mobile app now prepares thousands of workers at hundreds of sites."

-Jacob Zollinger, National Practice Director, Information Solutions, BSI

Solve your challenges with the leaders in mobile transformation

How can mobile improve your bottom line? Beyond providing unparalleled simplicity for accessing information on the go with ReadyKey, mobile enables transformation.

Improve operational efficiency through automated content management at scale.

Create a single source of truth to reduce confusion and improve accuracy organization-wide.

Paper binders and flip charts aren’t always immediately at hand, improve accessibility with an app.

Improve response times and emergency procedures with mobile to reduce risk.

Connect your organization with mobile

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