A single mobile solution to meet your organization’s needs

Connect your employees to the information and tools they need with ReadyKey. Unlock operational success with a trusted solution.

The ReadyKey platform

Every organization has unique needs. ReadyKey mobile apps are robust, flexible tools to manage content at scale and connect your employees with critical information, anywhere.

Tailor a secure app to your organization

ReadyKey is built on a robust platform with dozens of tools available out of the box. Unlock mission-critical information with 1-tap access to your business’ app.

Hosted Documents

Provide access to documentation, resources, learning materials, etc. Available offline.

Interactive Content

Offer one-tap-dial contact details, interactive flip charts & rainbow charts, and engaging EAP information on mobile. 

Site Floor Maps

Make critical files like site floor maps and procedures available and interactive on mobile.

Push Notifications

Send real-time and scheduled mobile alerts directly to your team’s mobile devices.


Facilitate ongoing dialog with tools that enable employees to engage in groups or 1:1.

Secure Syncing

The ReadyKey platform enables integration with software.

Self-Guided Site Tours

Offer guided audio-visual site tours to new employees and visitors.

Global Connectivity

Offer a multi-language solution that can be expanded into new sectors and regions and scale with your company as you grow.

Contact Forms and Feedback

Provide opportunities for direct feedback through surveys and forms.

Schedules and Calendars

Track internal and external events, trainings, and more.

Integrate mobile with your most-used tools

Created with integration in mind, ReadyKey integrates seamlessly to improve existing workflows with mobile. The platform offers a number of integrations, out-of-the-box, and an open API for custom content management.

Mobilize critical content

Unlock your critical content with ready-to-use and custom integrations that sync with your existing software stack.

Cloud File Storage

Make up-to-date libraries of files available on mobile with quick and simple integration.

HR and Comms

Keep HR data, like employee contact information, in sync and available by integrating ReadyKey with common HR software.

CRM and Marketing

Automate the flow of user data in and out of your app for accurate record-keeping.

Connect your organization with mobile

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