December 14, 2022
Cheers to a Great Year!

Stewart Price

Our first full year as a brand has come to an end, and it’s been a whirlwind of continuous learning, some big wins, and strong development for ReadyKey. 

For our parent company, Guidebook, it’s been a year that has surpassed all expectations. I am proud to co-lead both companies and feel heartened by the clear demand for mobile engagement we’ve seen across many different industries and use cases. In particular, demand for engaging paperless events has rocketed back to near pre-pandemic levels, with universities and colleges eager to meet their students where they are, on their smartphones, to drive recruitment, onboarding, and year-round support and retention. 

Building a Mobile-Friendly Future

Mobile access to information is a clear macro-trend that we are excited to be at the forefront of - and for ReadyKey it’s a unique opportunity to disrupt industries like Environmental, Health & Safety, Compliance, and Manufacturing which are either heavily dependent on paper or software requiring desktop/web access. 

2022 has confirmed the importance of reducing paper in the workplace along with tying multiple systems together with one easy-to-use, powerful, and reliable mobile app. This year has also shown us that the road ahead will be challenging. And that we must work closely with innovators and disruptors who know there is a better way, and who are driven to look beyond incumbent software providers that have treated mobile as an ‘afterthought’ for too long. 

Not everyone is ready to be an innovator, and we’ve learned that the hard way at times this year - but we welcome those people and companies who are ready to join our Pioneer Program and help us build the future together. 

Reflecting On Our Wins This Year

This year we’ve helped people take their emergency preparedness materials mobile across 1000+ locations, and next year we plan to do more. We’ve helped teams take paper forms which are completed 5000 times a month to mobile, drastically reducing paper waste. ReadyKey has even saved production teams valuable minutes by cutting losses from things like slow-running machinery to deliver higher cost savings and efficiencies. 

We added two new partners in 2022 - BSI and Tap Into Safety. I firmly believe that complimentary partnerships are the best thing we can offer our customers, working together on our greatest strengths.

One of our first clients significantly reduced an EPA fine because of our product, which is an exciting highlight because there’s nothing quite like a clear bottom-line impact for me!

Planning The Year Ahead

Looking ahead to 2023, we’re excited to continue developing our form capabilities (every single week we speak to teams managing vast amounts of paper forms or working with different systems that don’t speak to each other). We will also continue to support clients with integrating to popular systems like Enablon, and develop capabilities that allow our clients to further refine exactly what each individual user sees.

I will be in Nashville with my colleague Jon attending the EHS Management Institute January 26-28th spending time with senior EHS leaders from some of the largest companies in the world. Every day is a school day for us, and we’ll be eager to continue learning about this exciting space - and how our tool delivers value, and what we still need to develop further. 

Our strategy from the very beginning has been to work with great people, at great companies. Provide immediate cost savings or tangible bottom-line benefits (or hopefully both!). And iterate. Over and over again. We’ll bring more innovators on board in 2023, and they’ll help make it easier for everyone else in 2024 and beyond.

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